Rentsch Legal in cooperation with the Prague office of Boyden Executive Search and the MotivP agency have prepared an interesting project for you entitled HR HOT ISSUES, a series of videos intended mainly for HR officers and managers, but also everyone who deals with everyday HR questions.

These on-line, brief and practical videos present the lifetime of an employee in the company, both from the point of view of an HR officer and a lawyer. You will learn tips and tricks in the area of HR and how to ensure conformity with the law.

What to include in an employment agreement? How to handle a concurrence of functions? How to easily hire foreign employees or dismiss them?

You will learn the answers to these and many other questions after watching the whole series. We will release a new video for you each Monday from the start of September until the start of November 2015.


HR HOT ISSUES 1: Contract with an agency - what to be aware of?

The first topic we offer you in the virtual course today is Contract with an agency - what to be aware of? The videos are available only in Czech but if you are interested in this topic in another language, please contact us.

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