Rentsch Legal understands clients’ needs. While the law is not rocket science, all companies big and small must maintain a professional legal agenda. This ultimately helps raise the company’s value.


We offer tailor-made My Lawyer service packages to help our clients cope with their everyday legal agenda. Depending on their size and needs, clients can rely on us to handle a set of pre-defined issues, be available 24/7, or even “rent” a lawyer for a certain period.


Everyday legal matters don’t have to be a drag. Solving them is our passion! Our friendly and accessible team practices a hands-on approach, uses common sense, and avoids legalese. We are the right partner to help you manage risks and create effective solutions.


We want to help our clients grow their business. The My Lawyer service package is ideal for small and mid-sized companies that don’t have an in-house lawyer as well as for local subsidiaries of multinational corporations without a local legal department.


To determine the ideal content of a My Lawyer service package, we perform these steps:

  • First we conduct an audit at the client’s organization to identify the status of corporate housekeeping and how legal matters are handled. This can include a visit by the Rentsch Legal team to the client’s organization to get to know the people and to understand their operating procedures and needs.
  • Based on the results of the audit, we propose how legal matters could be organized more effectively.
  • The client chooses their My Lawyer service package. Those service packages are perfectly suited to be underpinned by our eLegal platform.
  • If necessary, the Rentsch Legal team will spend a certain period of time within the client’s organization.
  • We regularly monitor and review work together with the client to ensure that we achieve the best results.




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Our satisfied clients are proof of our good work. Our mindset is that of external corporate lawyers who always play for the client's team. When it's time to go on the offensive, we are ready.