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Get rid of that skeleton in your closet!


eLegal is an internet-based tool that allows companies to partly or entirely outsource their documentation management to ensure compliance with the law and internal rules.


Our clients' businesses benefit from the true added value of:

  • having all corporate documents, agreements, licenses, and all other documents relevant to the business logically and clearly stored in one place;
  • having all documents not only complete, but also accurate and up-to-date;
  • having a trusted lawyer at the client's disposal virtually at any time;
  • gaining access to our know-how both online and at in-house trainings. 


eLegal is perfectly well suited not only to underpin the My Lawyer service package but also to serve as a powerful tool when handling any other legal issues that may come up, such as an Investment Project or a One-off matter.




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This tool makes your company more transparent by granting access only to the relevant people in your company. In addition to minimizing legal risks, this ultimately increases the value of your business.