Partner firm SauterRentsch has a new website

SauterRentsch Investment Services, a partner of Rentsch Legal, launched a new website in June 2015. The modern and interactive site is in accordance with the philosophy of the firm and its founders. Above all it emphasizes the firm's professionalism, creativity and personal approach. In addition to presenting the firm's services and the process of selling and buying companies, visitors can use the interactive form to estimate the value of their own companies. In addition, the site makes it easy to directly contact the firm's employees.

SauterRentsch has been active on the Czech market since 2010 and offers comprehensive consulting and management services in mergers and acquisitions and venture capital projects. It provides advisory and services for both buyers and sellers of companies and for investors in venture capital projects. SauterRentsch has knowledge and expertise in all relevant areas, including business administration, management, human resources, legal services and financial services. In conjunction with and under the same roof as Rentsch Legal, it is also a strong partner for cross-border investment projects.

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