Rentsch Legal advises on the purchase of SB Property Services

Rentsch Legal advised on an important acquisition on the Czech real estate market this year, successfully steering Czech company SBPS into the hands of British company Savills. SBPS, founded by Michaela Semanová and Martina Bártek in 2011, currently manages properties worth more than EUR 400 million and with total rental space of over 185,000 square meters. Projects such as Charles Square Center, Rohan Business Center Karlín and Slovanský dům, a building complex at the most expensive address in the Czech Republic, are all managed by SBPS. Among the company's largest clients are CommerzReal and investment company REICO.

Savills is a global real estate consulting company operating in the Czech Republic since 2015. This year's transaction will further establish the company's position in the Czech real estate market and enable it to provide more comprehensive property management services. The founders of SBPS will now join the management team of the Czech branch of Savills.

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