Rudolf Rentsch speaks at seminar on new Civil Code

Rentsch Legal founding partner Dr. Rudolf Rentsch was one of the speakers at a legal seminar organized on June 10 by the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Czech Republic in cooperation with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. The seminar focused on the practical implications of the new Civil Code and experiences gained in the first months since it came into effect.


Dr. Rentsch's contribution consisted of two parts. First he introduced challenges that foreign investors commonly face when setting up a company in the Czech Republic. Then he discussed new opportunities for joint-stock companies in terms of the formation of different groups of shareholders.


Other law firms present at the seminar included PRK Partners, Kocian Šolc Balaštík and Ueltzhöffer Klett Jakubec & Partners.


To download the presentation, click the link below.

pdfRudolf Rentsch speaks at seminar on new Civil Code

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