Client's demands are what drive our practice. That's why we structure our services according to specific project types, not legal areas.


We are particularly suited to

  • assisting in connection with the purchase and sale of businesses or assets in the Czech Republic;
  • facilitating the export of goods and services as well as the purchase of businesses or assets abroad;
  • solving one-off legal challenges;
  • ensuring professional handling of daily legal affairs;
  • supporting families and athletes in structuring the management of their wealth and income.


Moreover, we offer a completely new service allowing you to eLegalize your business, which means that we

  • ensure professional document management on a web-based platform and thus increase the accuracy and transparency of your corporate documentation;
  • grant access to legal know-how; and
  • make sure that you are always up-to-date when changes in legislation require activity.




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Everyday legal matters don’t have to be a drag. Solving them is our passion! Our friendly and accessible team practices a hands-on approach, uses common sense, and avoids legalese. We are the right partner to help you manage risks and create effective solutions.


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